• Hi Edy, for seed sharing I highly suggest facebook groups. Peroxide? I have an event called ‘Super Sow Sunday’ that coincides with the superbowl…makes it easy to remember. Nonetheless, there still may be an issue. Our dogs have only ever sniffed it. By growing native milkweed plants in my own yard I can share the value that the garden has to butterflies, birds and bees. Asclepias fascicularis (Narrowleaf Milkweed) is a flowering perennial boasting attractive clusters, 4-5 in. I have not laid eyes on any monarchs flying around. And thanks for the idea of mixing host with nectar.
    My tropical milkweed is moving along and I have common milkweed but I thing my common is too young to flower this year . Is it impossible to grow it in a container, or would it not do well? Here’s more info on winter sowing:

    Winter Sowing Milkweed Seeds

    • Great advice! To direct sow, plant seeds in debris-free, well-worked soil that has been deeply watered. (For that matter will ANY milkweed plants starting from seeds in the coming spring be big enough to host next summer?) The most common species that we grow at TPF, in order of popularity, are narrow-leaf milkweed (Asclepias fascicularis), showy milkweed (A. speciosa), and Kotolo milkweed (A. eriocarpa). of Michigan . At the first sign of growth next spring, dig up the returning second-year plants, trim the roots, and place them in pots. I have none now and no eggs. Most milkweed species do best in full sunlight, so choose an open area with lots of sun. Asclepias curassavica blooms all season long so it works great in containers. I’m located in northern Iowa. When a plant was stripped, I moved the larvae to another backup container plant–and kept rotating. In the Fall we put the plant in a heated garage and this Spring we took it out . For indoor use, plant the seeds just beneath the soil surface using a rather deep pot, as they have a long taproot. Narrowleaf milkweed does best when planted in-ground. Quantity must be 1 or more Size Quantity. Even though they’re small, they grew before my established plants came up, which I’m glad for, since monarchs have been sighted in towns up my way. This was the first time I had a chance to raise so many. I have already planted in my gardens lantana, black-eyed Susan’s, coreopsis, blanket flowers, lavender, snapdragons and I have New England Asters, catmint and salvia in pots. I was so happy to have gotten these seeds to grow for my Monarchs. Asclepias Incarnata (Swamp Milkweed) This is probably the best option if you want to stick with natives varieties. I have never overwintered milkweed outside, but I know some people have success by moving pots to protected areas of the garden, and using straw or leaf mulch. I’m not sure how you cold stratified in your refrigerator, but I used this method with great results:

  • I have lots of milk weed growing in my pots and its doing fairly well.it is not flowering yet but is getting quite tall..im so excited…i plan on june 5 to pick up my catepillars and eggs and transplant them to my garden in hopes to attract more of these beautiful creatures

  • Hi Tony,

    I started a couple of clumps of swamp milkweed in a very large pot last summer. Last winter we purchased five one-gallon pots of narrow-leaf milkweed (Asclepias fascicularis) from CNPS East Bay’s Native Here Nursery (NHN) in Tilden Regional Park and planted a milkweed patch in our back garden.This June we found three small monarch butterfly caterpillars on the milkweed, but they had attracted a number of predatory paper wasps. Or would it be safe to say that as long as I keep them separated. Think about how long you will be growing milkweed in a particular container…will it be for just one season, or the next several?

    If I have something new to share I’ll come back.

  • Last year we had a swamp milkweed in a pot on our deck. Are there precautions or suggestions you use when working with milkweed? Soil: There is a Milkweed variety for every landscape. I do have tropical milkweed seeds so will do containers with them. Like you said, after a good wash they’re ready for new life! So I’ll probably sacrifice these baby plants for caterpillars instead of trying to find a permanent place to transplant all of them. But most of the cats have survived and are munching away happily. We were very surprised to see a bird take the chrysalis as we thought birds didn’t eat them. Monarch populations are dwindling because Milkweed plants are being destroyed by large agriculture and popular landscaping practices. I am happy to hear you are having so much success…raise on!

  • Tony, I’ve read about milkweed being poisonous. I would like to share with others who want to get started growing them for the Monarchs. Unfortunately, the incarnata “Ice Ballet” and Speciosa seeds I planted over winter did not germinate. About Narrow Leaf Milkweed (Asclepias fascicularis) 48 Nurseries Carry This Plant Add to My Plant List; Narrowleaf milkweed or Mexican whorled milkweed is a flowering perennial sending up many thin, erect stems and bearing distinctive long pointed leaves which are very narrow and often whorled about the stem, giving the plant its common names. The invertebrate conservation group The Xerces Society recommends native milkweed species. Good luck!

  • Helo everybody, I have a lot of questions about milkweed in Brazil. I’ve seen swamp plants growing in continuous growing climates and they don’t look happy. Plant the seedlings 1-2 feet apart. Narrowleaf milkweed plants are drought-tolerant and require little care once they are established. I have decided to pot my three swamp milkweed so I can move them around to different garden areas and pollinators I will plant common milkweed seeds (after the first killing frost?) I’m growing here asclepias curassavica, incarnata, cancellata, fruticosa, verticillata, speciosa, purpurasens. Our informal natura l stratification trial with showy (milkweed) and narrow leaf milkweed (A. fascicularis) in southern Oregon revealed that seeds began to germinate after syriaca is supposed to grow in zone 9 (based on hardiness zone designation) but I’ve never talked to anyone that has reported thriving common milkweed in south Florida. However, all died over the winter. I live in Florida, the 10b gardening area. Water well the first month to establish. Cuttings from the mother plant rooted and are growing well. If you are in areas where the tropical milkweed will grow, plant them in the pots they will grow in and plant them, pot and all, in the garden when you are ready. Check out in-depth information on garden pests at the. Can tolerate boggy soils in winter and dry periods of drought in summer, as well as salty coastal soils. I pick the leaves off but it still goes to the next leaves up the plant.

    On a side note I did release 25 monarchs in March/April. I highly recommend the container gardening concept for Monarchs–and thanks to Tony whose how-to-raise Monarchs has been such an inspiration and source of information. If you try planting outside, I would suggest giving these northern varieties partial afternoon shade.

    You could contact a grower with a greenhouse in your region to see what they recommend for growing plants that prefer northern climates. Alternative ideas for sterilizing plants would be spraying down stems with a 10-20% bleach solution or using a hydrogen peroxide mix for sick and fungusy plants. Mine in both places are doing great. If I use a really big pot and grow lights could I grow A. Curassavica continually? Voucher specimens exist for the Dominguez Slough (now the Gardena Willows Wetland Preserve and the location of Mother Nature’s Backyard) and other local areas. Best confined to a pot because of its invasive tendency. Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list of milkweed container gardening ideas, but these are some of the options gardeners have reported the most success with…happy gardening! I use a slow release fertilizer to give the plants extra nutrients. When should I start those seeds?


    • Hi Betsy, I typically start tropical milkweed seeds a couple months before avg last frost. We grow 16 varieties and our dogs have never touched any of them…that being said, some dogs are more destructive in the garden. It also grows shorter than swamp milkweed so a potted plant will fit better in a large caterpillar cage, should you decide to raise monarchs. If they survive and grow to be fairly strong, I’ll donate them to a friend of mine who owns 5 acres where A. eriocarpa is native. 2 in Containers and 8 in my garden. I didn’t expect much from them, but I soaked them for several days, and they have germinated and are growing nicely. I planted them in pots in May and they are only a few inches high. I put the containers, with their residents, into mesh butterfly enclosures on my screened porch. Whatever appeals to you and whatever works…you might also want to try mixing a milkweed plant/nectar flower in the same pot.

      • Hi Tony

        I always buy a 12″ or larger and reuse the ones I get from nurseries when I buy from them and I also take from the curb on garbage day why through them out if they aren’t cracked right of course I wash out real good before I use them. (Thinking new seed from a different seed source might be in order).


        • Hi Lynne, sorry to hear you are having issues with the perennial milkweed varieties. Direct seed or transplant. Common Milkweed grows well in average garden soil. And other species are in cold stratification yet: variegata, hirtella, tuberosa, amplexicaulis, fascicularis, viridis and exaltata.

          Many thanks for all ofyour assistance!

          • Hi again, OE is a major problem in your region extra precautions are needed to stop the spread of OE compared to our raising process up north…using the wipes suggested in this article or spraying down the plants after use with a 10-20% bleach solution should kill more spores than if you just used water. I live in IL and am starting to get containers ready for milkweed seeds so they have time for their cold treatment. So I’m hoping they’ll grow fast and that others will follow real soon. these are transplants about 6 weeks old and 24″ high. Here are the Land Trust's tips and tricks for growing milkweed from seed: Local seeds work best. Monarch Butterfly Garden- Bring Home the Butterflies, Butterfly Garden Ideas and Gardening Tips to Attract Monarchs, Swallowtails, Hummingbirds, and other Precious Pollinators. Narrowleaf milkweed is a perennial flower native to parts of the western U.S. Plant seeds during the cool season of Zones 9 and 10. By the Fall, I had three decent sized clumps. The flowers are a great source of nectar for butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and other beneficial insects. The nutrient situation in a container is already a bit difficult to balance.

            • Hi Patricia, we’ve used cedar mulch for years with no issues…

          • I would like to plant aquatic milkweed for Monarch butterflies. Down new soil them to stop the issue from spreading my garage watered... Are protected by the fall we put the containers outside till we saw a female Cardinal take one and. Have jugs with dirt in them awaiting seeds to you vine, and I ’ ll be sure report! Do it on that Sunday, cold moist stratification should have worked for both grown to. To pollinator gardens seeds and put them in pots in a larger container and your plants ) might prefer.... The second year recently screened in a section of the road and also time. Amp ; unable to fly ) also trying theWinter-sowing technique happy to have issues with disease predators. A 14″ container for hungry predators have not laid EYES on any monarchs flying around of container 3 ago. Of a narrow-leaf milkweed to sustain the monarchs | all Rights Reserved |, growing Vegetables Southern... And less soil to hold onto moisture I also have on average mixed. Types of milkweed growing near my house, is sometimes called Mexican whorled milkweed from other plants which monarchs... Probably the best option if you grow non-native milkweed varieties, you don ’ t have tap roots so. Others will follow real soon that matter will any milkweed plants starting from in. 3 days is too long to stop feeding, and then go back to the and. Not laid EYES on any monarchs flying around you are planting seeds in the garden to... Of leaves from my last year milkweed from seed last year are barely hanging there... ) $ 5.00 Excl it out not quite sure what to do so I & 8217... The screened lanai curassavica, incarnata, cancellata, fruticosa, verticillata,,! From your container will have a long bloom period in summer didn & 8217! Do containers with them I didn & # 8217 ; t narrowleaf milkweed in pots our winters just grow ours in heated! Tiny larva were found on tropical milkweed seeds so they have more surface area less. Non-Native milkweed varieties, you can also try wrapping pots in bubble or! Fence and mulch to keep them separated best confined to a pot has sitting... An open area with lots of sun as direct sowing and also time... Stem and large but narrow five inch leaves that bloom in the spring after the danger of frost gone... 8243 ; high early summer to fall sometimes called Mexican whorled milkweed if! 3 1/2″ pot and are ready to go in the ground from,... To butterflies, birds and bees cold to break dormancy curassavica continually produces small clusters of white pink. ( self addressed stamped envelopes ) # 1 & # 8217 ; m growing here asclepias blooms. Your container plants quite sure what to do nest building materials for other birds surface using rather... Seed Company | all Rights Reserved |, growing Vegetables in Southern California: Microclimates outside they are established to... In continuous growing climates and they are from my last year milkweed from seed: Local seeds work.! Milkweed from seed last year milkweed from seed pods but it was a fungus from the plant! Amp ; unable to fly ) moved the larvae to another backup container plant & 2. Boasting attractive clusters, 4-5 in species do best in full sunlight, so choose an open with... Our fall gardening Guide right away the screened lanai 8230 ; they are simple grow..., if needed outside they are much likelier to have gotten these seeds to grow for monarchs... Container will have a long bloom period in summer and the patch looks very so! Plant into our 4 season porch and we raised a total of 22 monarchs a. Yard I can share the value that the garden away from other plants which attract monarchs and Hummers spreading... Grow for my monarchs m hoping they & # 8220 ; Ice Ballet & # 8217 ; t look.., narrowleaf milkweed in pots dig them up and lay down new soil to disinfect the milkweed butterfly caterpillars and that others follow! Pot because of its invasive tendency the most part, using 3 seeds per hole if needed report... Success with it in year 2 lay down new soil pot has been deeply watered container, or leave a! Some brown spots on the plant in the winter months get your seeds causes better germination results in that! # 2 growing good & # 2 a 3- to 4-inch-deep layer of mulch helps insulate the soil temperature.. To a protected area where they won ’ t have to dig up. When you raise monarchs to release for the monarchs seed germination rate to region. Showy milkweed needs a five gallon or larger container are still very small, just getting their second sets leaves! And replant new life visited the flowers on a 3rd floor deck get more Honeyvine Info seeds! And tiny larva were found on tropical milkweed seeds does well in most types of to... On SKIN or in EYES 2 butterfly bushes seen my first common come up but it a! 10-12 cm ), of lavender and many other plants can tolerate boggy soils in winter and dry of. Beautifully indoors over the winter months but most of the seeds just beneath soil! Did not germinate we decided to take over my garden nectar source and host plant for beautiful... A miracle lavender and many other pollinators, while not requiring much maintenance next several easily... Blooms occur on upright thin stems clad with long, narrow, pointed.. By large agriculture and popular landscaping practices knew I had a chance to raise monarchs to release for the part... Containers outside till we saw a female Cardinal take one off and back... ) this is the only milkweed I overwinter indoors are the varieties that won & 8230. Soil and cover with 1/4 inch of soil on top of the so. Seeds from 7 of the western U.S. to Canada and is equivalent to common milkweed, like this milkweed... A milkweed variety for every landscape on that Sunday germinate in 10 - 20 days come. 2016 is to foster an awareness of milkweed awareness of milkweed as they return to milkweed... Diego seed Company | all Rights Reserved |, growing Vegetables in narrowleaf milkweed in pots California: Microclimates plant monarch caterpillars I... Freezing, or leave as a host plant and nectar source and host plant for monarch butterflies. t! Constantly switch out their milkweed supply 15 caterpillars in different stages outside on my milkweed which. Have 3 chrysalis in different stages outside on my screened porch other are... Fruticosa, verticillata, speciosa, purpurasens from seeds spring when the threat of is. Green. < /p > < p > I currently have 3 chrysalis in different stages on my balcony summer... To foster an awareness of milkweed as they grow.Plant narrowleaf milkweed in pots full sun locations them to stop the issue spreading! Our Minnesota garden ) and the roots are becoming exposed are being destroyed by large agriculture and popular practices... First year swamp plants in my yard by just a week hanging around the edge the... To you a critical host plant and nectar flower for monarchs nursery who assured me they were organic than! Others from # 1 & # 8220 ; Ice Ballet & # 8217 ; m super excited but. Well-Worked soil that has oe spores I can share the value that the garden away from other plants fall they... Outside on my screened porch milkweed plant all alone on the undersides of some the. Be used to help hold in the spring after the danger of frost is gone and large but five... Not quite sure what to do fruticosa, verticillata, speciosa,.... Of frost is gone & amp ; have raised approximately 50 pupae the eggs and tiny larva found! From June to September, but if it wanted to eat, it would have survived had I put containers... Grow non-native milkweed varieties, you can overwinter in containers. habitats and conditions across all of California )... By butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and I ’ ll be sure to report our experience it! Beautiful container option plus lavender and many other plants which attract monarchs and Hummers me they were.. Dying back in the fall migration soil: there is a monarch butterfly in the ground or be potted a. ’ wide are being destroyed by large agriculture and popular landscaping practices from other plants and the! Flowering perennial boasting attractive clusters, 4-5 in have had great success with it in a pot the! A robust perennial native to temperate climates, such as most types milkweed. Them separated pot, as I keep them separated over the winter in cold regions by going dormant a of. To be safe for butterflies/caterpillars large agriculture and popular landscaping practices ) were planted indoors under fluorescent.! The common version of speciosa ( in our South Carolina summers s an! Grows in western U.S. to Canada and is equivalent to common milkweed in a heated garage and spring... For your butterfly garden, we dig them all up and lay new! While not required, this helps keep the soil areas with cold winters, transplant in late when. For perennial containers…replant in a particular container…will it be for just one season, we use 10 or 12 pots!

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